Once again, Guatemala gained the opportunity to participate in the British Birdwatching Fair, the biggest birdwatching fair in the world and it takes place every august  in  Rutland, United Kingdom.

This is the sixth participation of Guatemala in this event and is  the sixth time that the Birdwatching Round Table participates.

The vicepresident of the Birdwatching Round Table, Marco Centeno will represent the institution  and Guatemala at the fair. His  participation wouldn't have been possible without the collaboration of:



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Molino Helvetia  Reserve is located in the oak-pine forests  of the Guatemalan Highlands where you will be able to watch mountain birds within a mystic and unique  atmosphere  from the Tecpan mountain range. It's a place where culture and nature gather in one point creating an amazing melting pot of different elements. Click here for more information.





If you want to see the resplendent quetzal in its most natural habitat and you want to enjoy other services such as coffee and tea tours, Los Andes private natural reserve  is the ideal place.  Located on the slopes pf Atitlan volcano, the reserve is home of endemic regional  species which you will never find in any other place in the world.

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Tarrales  is one of the most important sites for birdwatching in Guatemala. Here you will find numerous species of birds and a great diversity of ecosystems that will make you feel the esence of the Guatemalan Highlands. Besides, you will find unique species  in the world that you will never find in any other place such as the Horned Guan.Click here for more information.










Birdwatching Round Table