Guatemala has participated in the British Birdwatching Fair UK in 2011. During this event, Guatemala had an outsanding performance which placed Guatemala  as a top and important destiny among birdwatchers all over the world.

In its first day, the stand was visited by more than 1,200 people interested in knowing different natural areas for birding. Over the years, Guatemala has caused great interest due to its endemic species and touristic destinies with great potential within this segment.

Tour operators and international wholesales that visited  the stand expressed their admiration for the logistics and managment for the conservation of protected areas and the strategic alliances  from both goverment and private insitutions  that have gathered efforts for the conservation of species and their awareness

Guatemala earned 3 awards at the Birdfair UK

  • Best overseas Stand
  • Best of show Stand
  • Best Tourism Stand


Embajada de España en Guatemala


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Birdwatching in Guatemala

Welcome to Guatemala's Birdwatching Portal

A small country in Central America, Guatemala, stands out at a worldwide level for its extraordinaire biological diversity and its wide variety of beautiful landscapes. In only 108,000 km2 there are over 700 bird species. In a few weeks, a birdwatcher may identify more than 300 species in a fabulous trip that goes from the humid cloud forests to desert-like lands, visiting at the same time its incredible archaeological and cultural legacy. Guatemala has a high diversity of regional endemics that belong to 4 main regions of endemism.



Birdwatching Tourism Round Table Books

We invite you to acquire the material and books that the Birdwatching Tourism Round Table is promoting.  This material contains numerous data and valuable information of the birdwatching activities and sites in Guatemala. It also contains information of the most common ecosystems and biomes in which the birding activities are developed.

Since its creation in 2004,   the Birdwatching Tourism Round Table has been working in the elaboration and generation   of material and information about the potential sites to develop birdwatching and the activities that it implies. It has also been working in generating the technical and scientific information regarding birds of Guatemala and their habitat.